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Upcoming Events: “TINY” in the Classroom, Idaho Annual Planning Conference, and Beyond.

As we power through final edits on the film and prepare for a host of film festival submissions, we’re getting excited for a busy autumn, full of sneak peek screenings and tiny house discussions.

Below is a list of the various events where we’ll be speaking and/or showing bits and pieces of the film. If you are in the area for any of these events, we’d love for you to stop by and say hey!

From first grade classrooms to urban planning conferences to tiny house building workshops, we’re excited to hear from such diverse crowds. And, of course, stay tuned in the coming months for info on the official premier of the completed film! We’ll be posting updates here and also on the “TINY” facebook page.

Pierce Elementary School, Brookline, MA: Sept. 25

We’re back for our second year in a row to talk to the first and second grade students at Pierce Elementary School about the process of building a tiny house from scratch. After a tiny house slideshow and Q&A session, we’ll help the students of classroom 1H build their own classroom “quiet house” from cardboard boxes. Sure to be a fun time!


Crested Butte Film Festival: Sept. 27-29

At the Crested Butte Film Festival in Crested Butte, Colorado, we’ll be showing a short, 40-minute, Work-In-Progress version of the film, and participating in a few Q&A panels where we’ll talk about the process of making the documentary.


Annual Meeting of the Idaho Planning Association: October 11

We’re particularly excited to bring this film to the people who are most qualified to answer questions about building codes, and most equipped with the potential to update those codes to allow for more small-scale architecture in our cities and towns. At the Annual Meeting of the Idaho Planning Association in Boise, we’ll be screening a few excerpts from the film and participating in a Q&A panel on tiny houses, building small, and codes.


NYC Tumbleweed Tiny House Building Workshop: October 20-21

We’ll be guests at the NYC Tumbleweed Tiny House Building Workshop, led by our friend and fellow tiny house personality and video-blogger Derek Diedricksen. We’ll show a scene or two from the film and will answer questions about our own tiny house building experience.


Deek Diedricksen’s Tiny House Building Workshop Extravaganza: Nov 2-4

We’re always excited to join events that bring together so many other tiny house bloggers, builders, and how-to genuises. Judging by the line-up, Deek’s Tiny House Building Workshop in Stoughton, MA will be a fun one. We’ll share a scene or two from the film and maybe talk a bit about our DIY building and filmmaking experiences.



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