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For the Holidays: TINY-themed Letterpress Printed Greeting Cards


One of the main themes of the Tiny House and downsizing movements is the celebration of quality, hand-crafted and thoughtful gestures. In this spirit, we’ve decided to make and offer these Tiny House-themed, letterpress printed notecards.

Designed and printed in small batches by our friends at Banshee Press in Denver, we hope these cards will inspire you to put pen to paper and send a note to someone you care about.

Taking the time to sit down and cultivate a relationship with a few handwritten sentences is a simple gesture, but one that goes a long way toward building a life that feels satisfying and full.

Find more details about the cards or order a set here.

Happy Holidays!

Merete & Christopher



October Screenings

October brings a whole bunch of TINY screenings at film festivals around the US, and in Canada and Korea. Click on the links below for more info and to purchase tickets: 

Bend Film Festival, Oregon:
Friday October 11, 5:30pm
Saturday October 12, 6:00pm
* Christopher & Merete will be present for Q&A

Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival, Arizona:
Saturday October 12, 3:00pm

Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, Arkansas:
Monday October 14, 4:00pm
Wednesday October 16, 12:15pm

EIDF, Korea:
October 18-25 (screening times TBD)

Hollywood Film Festival, Los Angeles, California:
Sunday October 20, 7:00pm
* Christopher will be present for Q&A

Tallgrass Film Festival, Wichita, Kansas:
Friday October 18, 1:30pm
* Merete will be present for Q&A

Grand River Film Festival, Canada:
Wednesday October 23, 7:00pm

American Conservation Film Festival, West Virginia:
Saturday November 2, 1:15pm
Sunday November 3, 4:50pm

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Upcoming Events: “TINY” in the Classroom, Idaho Annual Planning Conference, and Beyond.

As we power through final edits on the film and prepare for a host of film festival submissions, we’re getting excited for a busy autumn, full of sneak peek screenings and tiny house discussions.

Below is a list of the various events where we’ll be speaking and/or showing bits and pieces of the film. If you are in the area for any of these events, we’d love for you to stop by and say hey!

From first grade classrooms to urban planning conferences to tiny house building workshops, we’re excited to hear from such diverse crowds. And, of course, stay tuned in the coming months for info on the official premier of the completed film! We’ll be posting updates here and also on the “TINY” facebook page.

Continue reading “Upcoming Events: “TINY” in the Classroom, Idaho Annual Planning Conference, and Beyond.” »

Why Did We Choose to Build a Tiny House, Rather than Buy an RV or Mobile Home?

As our project has gotten a bit more mainstream press over these last few weeks, one question we’ve seen pop up again and again in the comments sections of blogs and news posts has been: why did we choose to build a tiny house from scratch rather than buy an RV or a mobile home?

“Coulda bought a single-wide and saved yourselves 1o months of labor.”

Well, yes. This is definitely true. But for us, building our own house from scratch was kind of the whole point. We wanted to see how we would be changed by committing to a project of this size and scale and seeing it through. Christopher and I wanted to know: how would our idea of ‘home’ change when we set out to build our own, from start to finish, with our own hands? After almost a year of pushing ourselves to stick with it, we’re starting to find out. For us, this was about learning exactly how much time and effort and resources go into the literal roof over our heads.  Continue reading “Why Did We Choose to Build a Tiny House, Rather than Buy an RV or Mobile Home?” »

Tiny House Construction Update: The Hardwood Floors.

With the installation of the hardwood floors, we’re proud to say that now (almost) every inch of the tiny house interior is covered with some sort of semi-finished surface. No more unsightly plywood or insulation sticks out, and each day it’s looking more and more like a real house. (Except the bathroom—the tile floor will go in later this month.)

We’re finding ourselves asking questions that have seemed far away for so much of this process. Questions like, “How deep should the built-in shelves be?” or, “Should we put a desk or a dining table under the front window?” These are Finish questions, and our minds are drifting to thoughts about curtain materials and light fixtures…

But perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself. Ahem. Back to the floors. Continue reading “Tiny House Construction Update: The Hardwood Floors.” »

Tiny House Tour: Daniel Aragon’s “Ico” in Placerville, Colorado.

In the midst of our own building process, we’ve been gaining inspiration from other Tiny House owners around the country.

As we visit other tiny house dwellers, we learn about their unique home designs, and also the lifestyles that led them to live in just a few hundred square feet. With each interview, we’re gaining a deeper understanding of what makes a house into a home, and how building a house from scratch allows people to create a place that truly feels like their own.

Daniel Aragon lovingly calls his tiny home in Placerville, Colorado, “The Ico” because of its 12-sided shape, and it’s definitely different from most other tiny houses we’ve seen first-hand. A graduate of the Ecosa Institute of Ecological Design at Prescott College, Daniel designed the Ico himself and built it in just a few months, with a handful of friends. Continue reading “Tiny House Tour: Daniel Aragon’s “Ico” in Placerville, Colorado.” »