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Tiny House Tour: Daniel Aragon’s “Ico” in Placerville, Colorado.

In the midst of our own building process, we’ve been gaining inspiration from other Tiny House owners around the country.

As we visit other tiny house dwellers, we learn about their unique home designs, and also the lifestyles that led them to live in just a few hundred square feet. With each interview, we’re gaining a deeper understanding of what makes a house into a home, and how building a house from scratch allows people to create a place that truly feels like their own.

Daniel Aragon lovingly calls his tiny home in Placerville, Colorado, “The Ico” because of its 12-sided shape, and it’s definitely different from most other tiny houses we’ve seen first-hand. A graduate of the Ecosa Institute of Ecological Design at Prescott College, Daniel designed the Ico himself and built it in just a few months, with a handful of friends. Continue reading “Tiny House Tour: Daniel Aragon’s “Ico” in Placerville, Colorado.” »