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a story about living small

A film by Merete Mueller and Christopher Smith



DVD with 62-minute film and 5 special features, including behind the scenes footage, an extended interview with the filmmakers, Tiny House featurettes, and more. Packaged in a certified Green Forestry eco pack. (All regions)

TINY Fun Pack!
DVD + eBook + 2 Notecards

DVD of TINY documentary with 5 Special Features, eBook containing 101 pages of advice, stories and photos from the building process, and 2 letter-press printed TINY-themed blank notecards.

A TINY Bit of Advice Ebook

DVD with 62-minute feature-length documentary and 5 Special Features. Packaged in certified Green Forestry eco pack. Plus our ebook containing 101 pages of the things we wish we knew before building our Tiny House – stories, photos, and concrete advice.

2 Tiny House Themed Note Cards

DVD with 62-minute feature-length documentary and 5 Special Features. Packaged in certified Green Forestry eco pack. Plus 2 letterpress printed blank note cards (one of each design, subject to availability.)

A TINY Bit of Advice Ebook

101 pages of building stories, photos and advice. Everything we wish we knew before building our Tiny House! For those thinking about going tiny, this ebook could save you both time and money.

TINY-themed Blank Notecards
$25.00 (6 cards)

Letterpress printed in small batches by Banshee Press in Denver, these blank note cards celebrate the spirit of living small. Printed with soy-based inks on recycled paper. Styles include “LESS IS MORE” and “The World Gets A Lot Bigger When You’re Living Small.”

TINY – Original Soundtrack
$10.00 (via Bandcamp.com)

Did you love the original score for TINY? Well, if you did, you can get digital downloads via Bandcamp.com and let the soulful melodies lull you to sleep in your Tiny House (or big house for that matter).”

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