The Units of the Italian Navy

Справочник по итальянскому послевоенному флоту

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After the us' mess ups in specified operations missions throughout the past due Nineteen Seventies and 1980, a choice used to be made to redesign its unconventional army services. the following reorganization and redesignation in 1983 created the SEALs as they're identified this day, and later the all-encompassing command for US distinct operations forces lower than which they function.

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McLean and Smiley were extracted in November 1943 by motor torpedo boat from the coast to Bari, and by that time SOE’s presence in Albania was considerable. Richard Riddell and Anthony Simcox were flown in to replace McLean and Smiley, and John Hibberdine was dropped in December with Lieutenants Merritt and Hibbert. By the end of April 1944, Smiley was back, on CONSENSUS II, this time accompanied by Julian Amery. These operations were not achieved without casualties. Two Halifaxes crashed in Albania while approaching their drop zones, killing their crews and two entire SOE missions.

Similarly, Tony Blair’s government failed to find the weapons of mass destruction so confidently described and predicted by the Joint Intelligence Committee, which then had its performance scrutinized by an independent inquiry conducted by Lord Hutton in January 2004. Although the government escaped censure, the JIC did not need to be reminded of the dangers of being sucked into the policy process or participating in what amounted to political pamphleteering and was obliged to endure further scrutiny from a panel of privy councilors headed by the former cabinet secretary Lord Butler.

In 1943 Special Operations Executive (SOE) established in Angola a network of intelligence agents, mainly reporting on economic topics and the supply of strategic minerals. The agents worked under the commercial cover of the Sogedex Rubber Company. Headed by Colonel A. W. Smith, based in Cape Town, South Africa, SOE recruited the “S Organisation” of Pro-British Portuguese with key positions in the army, railways, and post office. Among its plans was one to seize Axis shipping, which was not pursued.

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