The Major Sins in Islam by Muhammad Bin Uthman Adh Dhahabi; Mohammad Moinuddin Siddiqui

By Muhammad Bin Uthman Adh Dhahabi; Mohammad Moinuddin Siddiqui (translator); M. al Selek (editor)

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Therefore, Abu Bakr sent a message to Khalid ordering him to bum the sodomite. Then Khalid burnt him. ” It was related that Jesus, the son of Marry (pbuh), passed by a flaming fire burning a man when he was in a journey. Then, Jesus carried Some water to extinguish the fire. But, the fire turned into a boy and the man turned into fire. Surprisingly, Jesus said, "O Lord! May You return them back to life to ask them how they are? Allah then brought them to life. They were a man and a boy. " The man said, "O spirit of Allah, in the World I was afflicted by loving this boy and out of sexual excitement, I sodomized him.

1 Reported byA1-H~ithami in Maima' AI-Zawa'id. Reported by AI-Bukhari and Muslim. 3 Reported by Ibn Majah and Ahmad. 2 4 Reported ~ Al-Bukhari and Ahmad. Reported by Al-Bukhari and Muslim 6 Reported by Ahmad and Al-Baihaqi. 5 15) Fleeing From the Battlefield Unless enemies outnumber twofold of Muslims, a Muslim is not allowed to turn his back to them. Similarly, unless it is in a stratagem of war, or to retreat to a troop (of his own), a Muslim also is forbidden to flee from the battlefield. } (Al-Anfal: 16) Abu Hurairah, may Allah be pleased with him, reported the Prophet to have said, “Avoid the seven destroyers, The listeners asked: "0 Messenger of Allah what are they ?

She said, "O Messenger of Allah! I am angry 1 Reported by AI-Bukhari and Abu Dawud. As-Sini postulated it in Ad-Dur AI-Manthur. " She said, "O Messenger of Allah, he is my son! " Then, the Prophet said, "But Allah's torture is more severe and lasting, mother of `Alqamah. So if you like him to be forgiven by Allah, you forgive him. " Thereupon, the Prophet said, "Go to him, Bilal to see whether he can utter the testification of Faith or not? " Approaching Alqamah's house, Bilal heard him saying, "There is no god but Allah" Then, the Prophet (pbuh) ordered them to prepare the funeral, washing and shroud.

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