Takur Ghar - The SEALs and Rangers on Roberts Ridge, by Leigh Neville

By Leigh Neville

Four марта 2002 года группа SEAL была доставлена вертолетом в афганские горы в рамках операции «Анаконда». Однако их CH-47 был сбит, что положило началу 17-часовому отступлению под прикрытием всей мощи войск коалиции. Рейд был провален: невиновные - наказаны, непричастные - награждены.

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After the USA' mess ups in exact operations missions in the course of the overdue Seventies and 1980, a choice was once made to redesign its unconventional army features. the following reorganization and redesignation in 1983 created the SEALs as they're identified this present day, and later the all-encompassing command for US certain operations forces below which they function.

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By the third pass, the big cannon shells were finally hitting the treeline and boulders. The pair of F-16CGs conducted four gun runs in total before they declared “Winchester” on their ammunition states (“Winchester” is a USAF The peak of Takur Ghar with the downed MH-47E, RAZOR 01, visible on the slope. The bunker complex and treeline are directly ahead and to the right of the Chinook. com The Raid brevity code indicating running out of ammunition or ordnance much as the brevity code “Bingo” indicates a low fuel state).

62×51mm Knight’s Armament Corporation SR-25 sniper rifle with a Leupold Vari-X telescopic ’scope and folded Harris bipod. The SR-25 also features a Knight’s Armament suppressor that reduces both the report and muzzle flash of the weapon. As a backup to the SR-25, he also carries a 9×19mm SIG Sauer P226 semiautomatic pistol in a drop holster on his right thigh. 62×51mm Mk 43 Mod 0 machine gun. He wears US Army issue Gore Tex jacket and trousers in three-color desert-pattern camouflage. His boots are privately purchased commercial hiking boots that are worn in preference to military boots by many in SOF.

As the first 105mm rounds from the AC-130 thundered into the enemy positions on Takur Ghar, the call for the QRF reached Bagram. 35 Rangers from the 1st Platoon, Alpha Company, 1st Battalion of the 75th Ranger Regiment led by Captain Nate Self had been assigned the duty of QRF for all Task Force 11 operations. Only half of the platoon was available that day as the remainder was conducting live-fire training at Tarnak Farms, a former home to none other than bin Laden. The QRF Rangers were on “strip alert” at Bagram waiting for the call to assist troops in contact or downed aviators.

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