Stories of the prophets by Abulḥasan ʻAlī Nadvī

By Abulḥasan ʻAlī Nadvī

At the lifestyles tales of a few eminent Muslim prophets; drawn from the Koran.

summary: at the lifestyles tales of a few eminent Muslim prophets; drawn from the Koran

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Noted in this category are the Kharijites (lit. 8 The Kharijites held the extremist view that committing a major sin amounts to renunciation of Islam. One of the Kharijites’ factions, namely the Azariqah, further added that a person renounces Islam even if he committed a major sin by error or personal interpretation and ijtihād, which is why they charged the caliph ‘Ali with infidelity over the issue of arbitration (taḥkīm). For the caliph had exercised his own ijtihād in that matter. 9 Lastly, practical extremism (al-taṭarruf al-ʿamalī) consists of extremist conduct, such as self-immolation, excessive fasting and all-night vigil, renouncing marriage, and acts that depart from sound human nature (fiṭrah), valid Sunnah, and precedent of the Prophet.

Raise not your voices above the voice of the Prophet, nor speak loudly to him in conversation, as you speak loudly to one another—lest your deeds become vain without you even knowing it (al-Hujurat, 49:2). َ‫أَن ت َ ْحبَ َط أَ ْع َمـٰلُ ُك ْم َوأَنتُ ْم لاَ ت َشْ ُع ُرون‬ Refinement of speech and the voice that expresses it are thus seen as hallmarks of moderation in social behavior, just as they also signify good leadership qualities. , wa-qṣid) in the verse (31:18) earlier quoted is a derivative of iqtiṣād (also the Arabic word for economics), which is synonymous with wasaṭiyyah, and the instances of its occurrence in two other hadiths that I shall presently review are also relevant to this meaning.

One who testifies must therefore possess a conscientious attitude toward truth and falsehood. 12 Commenting on the verse under review, the renowned Qur’an commentator al-Jassas observed that this verse is indicative of the validity of the general consensus (ijmā’) of the ummah as an authoritative source. This is because the ummah is qualified as a just community, which must mean that its affirmation and consensus constitute a ruling (ḥukm—of Shari’ah). 13 Islam also views itself as a middle way between the life of this world and the world to come.

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