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Blood. It is not likely to yield virus, and current serologic tests cannot differentiate between wild and vaccine-derived virus strains. Experience has shown that for polio, interpretation of serologic data can often be misleading. Therefore, collection of blood specimens is not recommended. If a probable case dies, a definite diagnosis of polio can be made or rejected by examining the spinal cord. It is important that a qualified and experienced pathologist do the examination and that a specimen be sent directly to a reference laboratory so that efforts can be made to culture for poliovirus.

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Molecular epidemiology of polioviruses. Semin Virol 1995;6:401–414. 2. S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Public health dispatch: outbreak of poliomyelitis in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. MMWR 2000;49(48):1094–1103. 3. Naguib T, Yang SJ, Pallansch MA, Kew OM. Prolonged circulation of Sabin 2derived polioviruses. In: Program and Abstracts of Progress in Polio Eradication: Vaccination Strategies for the End Game. Geneva: International Association for Biologicals; 2000. „ 45 POLIOMYELITIS ERADICATION FIELD GUIDE ANNEX 2.

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