Peirce’s Epistemology by William H. Davis (auth.)

By William H. Davis (auth.)

This paintings is an essay in Peirce's epistemology, with approximately an equivalent emphasis at the "epistemology" as at the "Peirce's." In different phrases our purpose has no longer been to put in writing completely a bit of Peirce scholarshiJ>­ as a result, the reader will locate no problematic tying in of Peirce's epistemology to different parts of his proposal, no nice emphasis at the chronology of his suggestion, and so on. Peirce scholarship is a painstaking enterprise. His brain was once Labyrinthine, his terminology difficult, and his writings are, as he himself confessed, "a snarl of twine." This publication really is meant even perhaps basically as an essay in epistemology, taking Peirce's because the point of interest. The publication therefore addresses a common philosophical viewers and bears as a lot at the wider factor as at the guy. i'm hoping as a result that readers will provide their serious realization to the matter of data and the sugges­ tions we have now built round that challenge and won't glance the following within the desire of discovering an exhaustive piece of Peirce scholarship.

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Hume has misled generations of philosophers because he utterly ignored the place of hypothesis in human thinking. Perhaps it is enough that he should have seen the vast importance of the law of association. But when someone grasps the principle behind the workings of some machine or of some feature of nature, he is not merely being impressed by a succession of regularities, he is not merely gaining a habit. He is having an insight, seeing principles, grasping interconnections. This is the feature of our mental life which was so wonderfully emphasized by Peirce, but Whewell, long before, saw the same truth.

But we have long since seen that all inductive reasoning, if it is to have any validity at all, must presuppose order and regularity. ) But now let us examine the next slip. " Obviously, if the cards are going to name off all of the positive integers one after another our simple, statistical inductive inference will always be wrong. But only a fool would say, after seeing the numbers one through ten come up, that the chances are one in ten that the next slip will read "one," one in ten that it will read "two," etc.

In deduction we merely elaborate Dn what is already knDwn, and thus Dnly clarify and unfDld what we already knew implicidy, but gain nO' new infDrmatiDn. And inductiDn, understoDd in its usual, mathematical sense is nDthing but a fDrm Df deduction (as follows: (1) Any sample taken from this whDle will have apprDximately the same features as the whDle. This is merely assumed, Dr it is knDwn tD be the case because precautiDn has been taken tD assure the representative nature Df the sample. (2) This sample has the feature x in the propDrtion y.

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