Out of the Everywhere by Isaac Asimov

By Isaac Asimov

The grasp of the technology fiction style tackles such real-life topics because the difficulties of over-population, the necessity for replacement fuels, the terror of radiation, what makes humans varied from different creatures, and extra. Reprint.

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Suppose we go back to alternative 2. Let's suppose that as the planetesimals accreted into a planet in Earth's orbit, they did accrete into two bodies. The second, smaller body, however, was not the Moon. There's the point that everyone seems to have missed. It was a second body just like the Earth in chemical composition, since it was formed out of the same eddy. It did have a metal iron core, just as Earth does, and it had the same volatile materials Earth had. What's more, it may not have been as small as the Moon.

These are not all independent phenomena. Light, X rays, and gamma rays are all examples of electromagnetic radiations (as are ultraviolet, infrared, and radio waves). Cathode rays and beta rays each consisted of streams of fast-moving electrons. Alpha rays and positive rays each consisted of streams of fast-moving atomic nuclei. Of these, gamma rays were the most penetrating. They consisted of electromagnetic waves that were exceedingly short and therefore of very high frequency. Since cosmic rays were even more penetrating than gamma rays, might cosmic rays be waves of even shorter length and higher frequency?

These are not large galaxies like our own. Whereas our Milky Way Galaxy may contain something like 200 billion stars, the Great Magellanic Cloud has no more than 20 billion and the Small Magellanic Cloud about 8 billion. The advantage of the Magellanic Clouds is this: We can study the entire galaxies in greater detail than any others simply because they are closer. Most of our own Galaxy is hidden from us by dust clouds so that we know the Magellanic Clouds, as galaxies, better than we know our own.

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