On PL De Rham theory and rational homotopy type by Bousfield A.K., Gugenheim V.K.A.M.

By Bousfield A.K., Gugenheim V.K.A.M.

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Com, ISSN 1743-3541 (on-line) This page intentionally left blank Design and Nature V 29 Structural morphology and self-organization E. Stach University of Tennessee College of Architecture & Design, USA Abstract This paper categorizes self-organization processes in nature into four categories: physics, mathematics, statics, and mechanics—abstracting these processes into simplified analytical methods. It is also an investigation into some fundamental principles concerning the logic of form optimization in nature in relation to special and physical constraints.

Structural morphology deals with the study of the relationship between the geometric form and structural behaviour. Figs. 4/5 compares the structural configuration of a natural organism with a man made structure. com, ISSN 1743-3541 (on-line) Design and Nature V Figure 5: 35 Geodesic dome by Buckminster Fuller. form approximated by a polyhedron with triangular or polyhedral faces. This arrangement minimizes the amount of material in the structure as well as its weight. Both structures have no dominant bi-dimensional stress-resistant element and stresses are transmitted along the whole surface, in the case of the radiolarian as a lattice shell mash and, in Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic dome, a plate shell mesh.

60-63, 2008. , Engineering Ecologies. Versatility and Vicissitude, AD Architectural Design, Profile No. 192, 78 (2), pp. 96-101, March/April 2008. [15] Sherzad, M. , Built Form and Aeolian Sand Deposits in the Algerian Sahara, Doctoral Thesis Oxford Brookes University: Oxford, 1996. , Menges, A. , Emergent Technologies and Design: Towards a biological paradigm for architecture, Routledge: Abingdon, pp. 227-236, 2010. [17] Houben, H. , Earth Construction: A Comprehensive Guide, Intermediate Technology Publications: London, pp.

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