Not the Chilcot Report by Peter Oborne

By Peter Oborne

The defining calamity of the post-cold struggle era', in Peter Oborne's phrases, happened in 2003. The invasion of Iraq ended in the cave in of the kingdom method within the center East. Iraq is shattered, Syria shouldn't be placed again jointly back, and Lebanon hasn't functioned as a unified nation for a very long time. And the good wave of refugees unleashed by means of this breakdown is threatening what's left of democracy in Turkey and the very lifestyles of the ecu Union.

Oborne offers a forensic exam of ways facts used to be doctored and the legislation manipulated in 2002 and 2003 which will justify a battle for regime switch. the govt. bent evidence to slot its choice to hitch the U.S. invasion, Parliament didn't scrutinise facts, the intelligence provider used to be perverted, and the media misplaced its head.

This is a masterly account of the making of a catastrophe, written by means of a passionate British democrat.

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Notwithstanding its terrible aftermath, George W. Bush and Tony Blair – the two leaders who had ordered the invasion – continue to justify their decision on the basis that it dislodged Saddam Hussein, the bloodthirsty dictator of Iraq, and removed a serious threat to their nations and all the Western states. Like the Bourbons, they have learnt nothing and forgotten nothing. Every year that passes, it becomes clearer that the invasion of 2003 was the defining calamity of the post-Cold War era. The scale of the disaster can be measured not only by its direct victims – American, British, and above all, Iraqi.

9 The foreign intelligence service MI6 – deeply implicated in the Iraq invasion – intensely values its status as the closest and most trusted partner of its much better-resourced and far more powerful American counterpart, the CIA. Meanwhile, almost all rising British politicians take care to develop transatlantic connections. It has become axiomatic that the British military, diplomatic, political and intelligence establishments should support this ‘special relationship’ with the United States.

Was Britain’s military action in Iraq legal? net/author/davidmorrison). ’ TONY BLAIR1 On 1 May 2003 President George W. Bush announced the end of major combat operations in Iraq, posing in flying gear on an aircraft carrier beneath a banner stating ‘Mission Accomplished’. In fairness to Bush, he was not responsible for the banner. But the image would haunt him, as it became obvious to the American people that his Iraq mission was not accomplished and never would be. The Iraq War failed in both its immediate and its strategic objectives.

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