The Qur'an in its Historical Context by Gabriel Said Reynolds

By Gabriel Said Reynolds

Delivering statement at the arguable revisionist college of Qur’anic reports, this publication explores the origins, scholarship and improvement of the Qur'an. the gathering of articles, every one written through a extraordinary writer, deal with very regular passages of the Qur’an in an unique demeanour, combining thorough philology, historic anthropology, and cultural background. This booklet addresses in a serious style the most well liked concerns in contemporary works at the Quran. between different issues, the members learn the debatable theories of Luxenberg concerning Syriac and the Quran, and particularly his argument that the time period Hur refers to not virgins yet to grapes.

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17 According to Thiersch, only hours before his own accident Bergsträsser was discussing mountain accidents with him and a third young companion named Strobl, while they took a break over coffee and Butterbrot. 20 INTRODUCTION 18 See Muhammad Hamdi al-Bakri, Usul naqd al-nusus wa-nashr al-kutub, muhadarat al-mustashriq al-almani Birjstrasir, Cairo: Matba‘at Dar al-Kutub, 1969. Bergsträsser was a guest professor at the University of Cairo during the academic year 1931/2. The Egyptian/German Egyptologist Makram Rizq quotes Bakri’s description of the incident in his brief fascicle entitled “Freundschaftsmord unter Orientalisten im August 1932” (both Bakri and Rizq place Bergstrasser’s death in 1932).

25 I understand that a project on the text of the Qur’an is currently being planned at the Freie-Universität Berlin. In November 2005 a seminar was held there during which a model format for the presentation of a Qur’anic sura with variants was proposed. ” See A Challenge to Islam for Reformation, Delhi: Molital Banarsidass, 2003, xxi, n. 8. ” A. Spitaler, “Otto Pretzl,” ZDMG 96, 1942, 163–4; cf. 4. Pretzl, “Aufgaben und Ziele der Koranforschung,” 328. , 329. , 329. , 329. A. Jeffery, Materials for the History of the Qur’an.

2. 21 Leiden: Brill, 1937. 22 A. Jeffery, “The textual history of the Qur’an,” Journal of the Middle East Society (Jerusalem) 1, 1947, 35–49; reprint: The Qur’an as Scripture, New York: Moore, 1952, 89–103; cf. Idem, “The present status of Qur’anic studies,” Middle East Institute: Report of Current Research, Spring 1957, 2. , sie wurden mit dem größten Teil der Bestände des Archivs durch Kriegseinwirkung vernichtet. ” Spitaler, “Die Nichtkanonischen Koranlesarten und ihre Bedeutung für die arabische Sprachwissenschaft,” in a note added in 1972 to the reprint of this brief statement, Der Koran, Wege der Forschung 326, 413, n.

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