Naming and Reference: The Link of Word to Object (Problems by R.J. Nelson

By R.J. Nelson

The matter of reference is crucial to the fields of linguistics, cognitive technology, and epistemology--yet it continues to be mostly unresolved. Naming and Reference explains the reference of lexical phrases, with specific emphasis put on right names, demonstrative pronouns and private pronouns. It examines such particular concerns as: easy methods to account for the reference of names which are empty or speculative, which abound in technology and philosophy, and the way to account for intentional reference as in ``he took Mary to be Jane.'' by utilizing a number of laptop versions, R. J. Nelson explores the that means and reference of phrases to things and the connection of those phenomena to conception, trust and fact. The versions used are parallel, connectionist

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Of course it is, but only if there is an object. In fact the object—the level of room temperature—drives the system. The example is a perfect one of what Brentano does not mean. He does not mean ‘Titania’ refers owing to the presence of an object. Contrariwise, the thermostat system ‘refers’ to a goal, but only in virtue of that very goal’s causal participation in the drive toward it. I make mention of feedback because it has received considerable attention in the literature as a model of goal-seeking and intentionality.

We could reject them only from the standpoint of an apriorist philosophy of mathematics that fancies itself above ordinary logic. Numbers have been around a long time, and no other precise (class of) interpretations other than the set interpretation seems to be adequate for mathematics and science. We do not introduce sets and sets of sets by edict; we do so because we cannot pursue pure mathematics without them. But God as a concept in the mind is a proposition whose sole merit is to abet a suspect theory of reference.

Nevertheless, from the point of view of semantics, numbers (unlike physical objects) are nowhere to be seen. Here reference is more obscure than ever. e. a logical predicate; for example there are five men on a basketball team and five points in the Calvinist controversy with the Arminians. From a grammatical viewpoint ‘five’ modifies ‘men’ in the first example and ‘point’ in the second. However, unlike ‘tall’, which also modifies ‘men’ in ‘there are tall men on a basketball team’, ‘five’ does not apply to individual men, but to a set of men, a team.

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