Mitochondrial DNA, Mitochondria, Disease and Stem Cells by Dominic Thyagarajan (auth.), Justin C. St. John (eds.)

By Dominic Thyagarajan (auth.), Justin C. St. John (eds.)

This quantity investigates how the mitochondrial genome is transmitted, segregated, and inherited. It starts off by means of describing mtDNA mutations and deletions and the way those influence at the offspring’s future health. It progresses to debate how mutations to the mtDNA-nuclear-encoded transcription, replication and translational components bring about mtDNA-depletion syndromes and the way those have an effect on mobile functionality and bring about the pathology of human mitochondrial disorder. It additionally highlights the significance of the mitochondrial meeting elements and the way mutations to those can result in mitochondrial sickness. The reader is then brought to how mtDNA is transmitted during the oocyte and the way stem cells can be utilized to check mitochondrial biogenesis and mtDNA replication and transcription in undifferentiated pluripotent and differentiating cells and the way mitochondria adapt in this method. It then discusses how ailments like melanoma are initiated and controlled by way of mutations to mitochondrial DNA and dysfunctional mitochondria. eventually, it attracts on assisted reproductive applied sciences to debate how a few of these techniques should be tailored to avoid the transmission of mutant and deleted mtDNA from one iteration to the next.

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