Mechanical, Thermal and Hygric Properties of Buildings by Eva Vejmelkova, Jan Zatloukal, Pavel Reiterman

By Eva Vejmelkova, Jan Zatloukal, Pavel Reiterman

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Samples immediately collapsed, that could have been avoided just by using fibers. Fig 3: Detail of the load-displacement diagrams of FRC and NSC Advanced Materials Research Vol. 982 35 Tab. 6. 8. 10. 3. Samples Ratio Standard deviation V 13,20 13,09 13,50 12,95 13,09 10,86 12,30 12,72 11,22 13,33 12,63 H 14,72 15,02 14,15 13,20 14,64 12,25 14,33 14,81 13,41 12,79 13,93 1 : 1,10 0,86 0,91 σf [MPa] V 5,94 5,89 6,08 5,83 5,89 4,89 5,53 5,73 5,05 6,00 5,68 H 6,63 6,76 6,37 5,94 6,59 5,51 6,45 6,66 6,03 5,75 6,27 1 : 1,10 0,39 0,41 Gf [J/m2] V 1595 1064 1455 2251 2029 774 1401 792 1427 1086 1387 H 5123 5949 7775 6730 6693 6294 6511 6118 5920 6455 6357 1 : 4,58 461,88 650,91 fck,cyl [Mpa] 37,5 24,3 30,8 28,7 30,3 4,77 Values obtained from individual FRC samples testing are shown in Table 2.

6a) shows a comparison of the tensile stress development and splitting tensile strength development. The crack in 9th day was initiated after tensile stress crossed the splitting tensile strength of the HPC. The reasons can be for example different age of individual components and different batch for ring specimens and splitting tensile strength specimens. The difference between theoretical elastic stress and actual residual stress is plotted on Fig. 6b and it was caused by concrete relaxation [15].

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