McGraw-Hill’s French Student Dictionary by Jacqueline Winders

By Jacqueline Winders

Your top first connection with the French language

As you start learning the French language, you want to have a competent bilingual dictionary with the fundamental phrases you would like, no longer the complicated phrases you do not. With McGraw-Hill's French pupil Dictionary you can find what you would like fast and easily--without being beaten with text.

This e-book features:

  • 3,500 crucial phrases, each one with grammatical details, easy-to-use pronunciation consultant, verb conjugation (when appropriate), and an instance sentence
  • Numerous subentries to provide an explanation for colours of that means and idiomatic expressions with regards to the central entries
  • A number of grammar information and tricks, together with universal blunders to prevent
  • Helpful appendices of worthwhile info resembling universal names in French, weights and measures, maps, numbers, and more

Begin your language studying with the authoritative McGraw-Hill's French pupil Dictionary at your facet. It presents an ideal supplement in your French studies.

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Extra info for McGraw-Hill’s French Student Dictionary

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Good evening; good night Pierre dit “bonsoir” à ses amis. Pierre says “good evening” to his friends. le bord - la bougie le bord [BÒR] n. m. edge, side, border Il pêche au bord de la rivière. He fishes on the riverside. la botte [BÒT] n. f. boot J’ai de grandes bottes pour marcher dans la neige. I have big boots for walking in the snow. la bouche [BOOSH] n. f. mouth Le bébé met tout à la bouche. The baby puts everything in his mouth. le boucher [boo SHAY] n. m. butcher la bouchère n. f. Le boucher vend des rôtis de bœuf.

Suntanned Elle est très bronzée. She is very suntanned. la brosse [BRÒS] n. f. brush la brosse à dents toothbrush J’ai mon peigne, mais pas ma brosse. I have my comb, but not my brush. se brosser [suh brò SAY] v. to brush (oneself) Ma sœur se brosse les cheveux chaque matin. My sister brushes her hair every morning. le brouillard [broo YAHR] n. m. fog; mist Les conducteurs allument leurs phares dans le brouillard. The drivers turn on their headlights in the fog. le bruit [BRWEE] n. m. noise Ces enfants font beaucoup de bruit.

L’assiette [ah SYET] n. f. plate (dishes) Combien d’assiettes faut-il mettre sur la table? How many plates do we need to put on the table? assis(e) [ah SEE(Z)] adj. m. f. seated, sitting Tout le monde est assis. Everyone is seated. l’assistant [ah see STAN] n. m. aid, assistant Le savant travaille avec son assistant. The scientist is working with his assistant. assister [ah see STAY] v. to aid, to assist assister à to attend Guy et Marc assistent au match de football. Guy and Mark attend the soccer game.

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