Mathematical Modelling of the Cell Cycle Stress Response by Elahe Radmaneshfar

By Elahe Radmaneshfar

The cellphone cycle is a series of biochemical occasions which are managed by means of complicated yet powerful molecular equipment. this allows cells to accomplish actual self-reproduction less than a wide variety of stipulations. Environmental adjustments are transmitted by means of molecular signaling networks, which coordinate their activities with the mobile cycle.

This paintings provides the 1st description of 2 complementary computational versions describing the effect of osmotic tension at the whole telephone cycle of S. cerevisiae. Our types condense an enormous quantity of experimental facts at the interplay of the mobile cycle community parts with the osmotic pressure pathway. Importantly, it's only via contemplating the total phone cycle that we will make a sequence of novel predictions which emerge from the coupling among the molecular parts of other telephone cycle phases.

The model-based predictions are supported through experiments in S. cerevisiae and, in addition, have lately been saw in different eukaryotes. moreover our types exhibit the mechanisms that become as a result of the interplay among the mobile cycle and pressure reaction networks.

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