Mastering Wireless Penetration Testing for Highly-Secured by Aaron Johns

By Aaron Johns

Penetration checking out is a device for trying out computers, networks, or internet functions to discover vulnerabilities that an attacker may possibly take advantage of. by way of acting a penetration attempt, you could proactively establish which vulnerabilities are most important. this permits your company to extra intelligently prioritize remediation and practice useful protection patches to make sure that they're available.

This e-book covers how one can organize Kali Linux, test and sniff instant networks, and crack WEP, WPA, or even WPA2 encryption. by way of the tip of this publication, you'll consider even more convinced in terms of carrying out instant penetration checks, and you'll have a whole figuring out of instant protection threats.

This e-book is stuffed with hands-on demonstrations and how-to tutorials. it will profit you, because the reader, in terms of defense knowledge. Having a few wisdom of instant penetration checking out will be necessary.

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