Managing People for the First Time by Julie Lewthwaite

By Julie Lewthwaite

Skilled coach Julie Lewthwaite grooms the recent supervisor within the key talents required to be first an efficient supervisor and finally a revered chief.

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Managing People for the First Time

Skilled coach Julie Lewthwaite grooms the hot supervisor within the key talents required to be first a good supervisor and eventually a revered chief.

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We also need confidence where support is unavailable. Lack of confidence need not be an insuperable barrier to learning. Develop your own confidence by setting yourself targets and by taking on new experiences a few at a time. Don’t set yourself up for failure by attempting too much. Set yourself achievable targets for learning. Increase these slowly. As you meet each target your confidence in learning will grow. Effectively, your theory about the world will have changed and become more robust.

When caught in a stressful situation people may flounder about, trying different methods of coping with the threat. You can learn using any or all of these strategies or approaches, but each strategy will be dictated by personal preference, need, and the type of learning that you require. TWO LEARNING TO LEARN 31 Sorting and analyzing information There are a number of structuring techniques that can be used to analyze your own learning. Once issues are structured you can analyze them and act upon them.

She supposed that the anticipated reward of orders placed was what led her to work late at the library. But she didn’t see that as anything but a ‘one off’. ” Josh looked at her in exasperation. “There are some people who don’t think water has any taste because they’ve drunk from the same source all their lives. ” “A TFG. ‘Taken for granted’, something you don’t question. You need to question everything, particularly in a small business like yours, Sally; sales, stockholding, cost and debt control, everything.

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