Maidu Grammar by William F Shipley

By William F Shipley

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Nothing more solemn than a tear--sublimer; And I would not by weeping turn to laughter The grave emotion that a tear engenders! LE BRET: Never be sad! --a chance of Fortune! CYRANO [shaking his head]: aspire to Berenice? Look I a Caesar to woo Cleopatra? --The little maid Who offered you refreshment even now, Her eyes did not abhor you--you saw well! CYRANO [impressed]: True! LE BRET: Well, how then?. % Was death-pale as she CYRANO: Pale? LE BRET: Her heart, her fancy, are already caught! Put it to th' touch!

BELLEROSE [solemnly]: Sic transit!. . [To the porters]: Sweep--close all, but leave the lights. We sup, but later on we must return, For a rehearsal of tomorrow's farce. ] THE PORTER [to Cyrano]: You do not dine, Sir? CYRANO: No. ] LE BRET: Because? CYRANO [proudly]: Because. . [Changing his tone as the porter goes away]: I have no money!. . LE BRET [with the action of throwing a bag]: How! The bag of crowns?. . CYRANO: Paternal bounty, in a day, thou'rt sped! LE BRET: How live the next month?.

Heel: talon, gîte. hip: hanche. kneel: s'agenouiller. mingled: mélangea, mêlèrent, mêlâtes, mêlas, mélangèrent, mélangeâtes, mélangeas, mélangeai, mêlâmes, mêlai, mêla. noise: bruit, bruit de fond, tapage, souffle. paunch: panse, ventre. polished: poli. repeating: répétant, redisant. retinue: cortège, escorte, suite. skewer: brochette, broche. steal: voler, dérober, dépouiller, d'acier, subtiliser, volent. tableau: tableau, tableau vivant. touch: toucher, touche, contact, touchez. wheel: roue, volant, galet.

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