Literature, Gender, and Nation-Building in by Mervat F. Hatem (auth.)

By Mervat F. Hatem (auth.)

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At that age, I had no other capability but listening. I [also] did not have access to other forms of enjoyment and entertainment. When my mind was ready to develop and my capabilities were receptive, my mother, the goddess of compassion and virtue and the arsenal of knowledge and wonder, may God shelter her with his grace and forgive her, approached me with the tools of embroidery and weaving. She was diligent in teaching me. She worked hard to explain things cleverly and clearly. But I was not receptive.

LUKLYHUK5H[PVU)\PSKPUN or risk violence to their families and the loss of their property and position. So even though by then they were free, they were not free to refuse to engage in these political marriages. As such, one could argue that they were still treated as property passed from one Mamluk leader to another. ”54 Because of the political instability under the Mamluk rule, it was not surprising that the marriage institution within that class was equally unstable. Constant military competition among Mamluk military households shortened the life span of men imposing emotional and social burdens on their women.

His history as a soldier of fortune added other reasons for al-Istanboli’s displeasure. His death shortly before the wedding of his young daughter to Taymur was attributed to ill health, but it was not much improved by the choice of a son in law who was much older than his daughter and the social disparity in the backgrounds of the bride and groom. This cast a gloomy cloud over the occasion. For Muhammad Taymur, marriage to the young daughter of a former official of the Ottoman Imperial Council enhanced his status.

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