Lexical Matters by Ivan A. Sag, Anna Szabolcsi

By Ivan A. Sag, Anna Szabolcsi

This quantity comprises new examine at the lexicon and its relation to different features of linguistics. those essays placed forth empirical arguments to assert that categorical theoretical assumptions about the lexicon play an important function in resolving difficulties concerning different elements of grammar. subject matters comprise: syntactic/semantic interface within the components of point, argument constitution, and thematic roles; lexicon-based bills of quirky case, anaphora, and keep watch over; the boundary among the lexicon and syntax within the domain names of sentence comprehension and nominal compounding; and the potential of extending the idea that of blocking off past the normal lexicon. Ivan Sag is a professor of linguistics at Stanford collage. Anna Szabolcsi is an affiliate professor of linglustics at UCLA.

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This would be a verb taking two or more arguments indicating endpoints to the event­ for example, two or more goal arguments. Such a verb would be used as follows: Push the cart to San Francisco to Mexico, meaning push the cart to San Francisco and to Mexico. Again, the constraint on this structure is not pragmatic because the meaning can be expressed through conjunction. Verbs with no internal arguments ( including implicit or default argu­ ments): If all verbs of change describe events measurable on some scale, then all verbs of change have potential internal arguments.

Johni feared the truth into drinkingi ' b . The truth frightened Joh� into drinkingi . (33) a. John feared the trut"-i into innocuousnessi. * The trut� frightened John into innocuousnessi ' Sentence (33a) is problematic because fear is a stative verb, and the role of the internal argument as the measure of change is only apparent with verbs of change. (33a) is only acceptable if fear is interpreted (or perhaps re-analyzed) as a verb of change. " This re-analysis is easier with other experiencer-external psych verbs: (34) a.

Stationary (relative to movement of Proto-Agent) (e. " The Proto-Patient properties are conducive to doing this; the Proto-Agent properties are not. The AIR unifies changes of state, affected theme and incremental theme verbs under one system. In fact, the AIR derives the distinction between Proto-Agent and Proto-Patient roles, which otherwise is unmotivated. Dowty'S theory of thematic roles is not only compatible with the AIR, it is motivated by it. 4 Implications for Language Acquisition The claim that predicates of natural language characterize events in a very particular and constrained fashion has implications for cognitive science in general, and for language acquisition in particular.

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