Leslie Sansone's Eat Smart, Walk Strong: The Secrets to by Leslie Sansone, Sherri Flynt

By Leslie Sansone, Sherri Flynt

A bestselling health guru turns her services and adventure to educating her lovers tips on how to advance the fit consuming behavior that experience labored for her. Her confirmed six-week plan permits readers to scan with diverse equipment and undertake the fit behavior which are most popular for them.

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For the next five, we will be on our feet. Arm Pulleys With your feet flat on the floor, reach up high with your right arm, fingers pointed up. At the same time, pull down with your left arm, fingers pointing down. You should be pulling in opposite directions. Alternate; left arm up, right arm down. Repeat. Most beneficial to: Sides and arms. Arm Swing Keeping feet flat on the floor and facing forward, put your right arm straight back and left arm straight forward. Now turn and twist from the waist, so that the left arm is straight back and right arm is straight forward.

Leg Raiser Sitting with your legs outstretched, lean back slightly and support yourself by putting your hands on the floor at your sides. First, lift the right leg as high as you can without bending your knees or lifting your buttocks from the floor. Alternate legs. Now lift both your legs at the same time. Lift high. Remember--do not bend your knees. You may have to lean back slightly more to do this. Most beneficial to: Legs and stomach. Leg Bounce Sit with your hands at each side on the floor and keep your heels down.

Run in Place Raising each foot at least five inches off the floor, jog in place. Start slowly and quicken the pace. Most beneficial to: Legs. Look Mom--No Rope! Hold an imaginary jump rope in your hands. Imagine swinging it. When the rope hits the floor, jump over it--one foot in front of the other. Alternate feet. Now try both feet over at the same time. Most beneficial to: The whole body! ) Spine to Floor Lie on your back with legs extended. Push your spine (from the top to the bottom) flat down to the floor.

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