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Secrétaire. secretary. policier. police officer. pompier. fireman, firefighter. avocat, avocatte. lawyer. mécanicien. mechanic. électricien. electrician. plombier. plumber. charpentier. carpenter. ingénieur. engineer. fermier. farmer. chef. chef, cook. boulanger, boulangère. baker. boucher. butcher. cassier, cassière. cashier. gérant. manager. professeur. teacher. serveur, serveuse. waiter, waitress. écrivain. writer. femme de chambre. maid. travailler (trah-vah-YAY) to work le travail, l'emploi (le tra-VAH-yuh, lom-PLWAH) work, job le patron, la patronne, le chef (le pah-TROH, la pah-TRUN-uh, le sheff) the boss, the head (of the department or job) le vacances (le vah-CAHN-suh) vacation Hobbies & Sports There are several activities done for leisure which have French verbs to describe the actions, and most of these fall into one of the three classes of regular verbs.

For example, the verb "to speak," parler (pahr-lay), is conjugated as such: je parle, tu parles, il/elle/on parle, nous parlons, vous parlez, ils/elles parlent (zhe pahrl, tyoo pahrl, eel/elle/ohn pahrl, noo pahr-lohn, voo pahr-lay, eel/elle pahrl). Note: parle, parles and parlent are all pronounced the same way. " Regular -ir verbs The second group of regular French verbs are the -ir verbs, whose endings are slightly different from the -er verbs. ) finish, they finish" Note that the -iss- features a double s, giving it an /s/ sound and not a /z/ sound.

This is one of the few times when no article--definite or indefinite--accompanies the noun! Do note that, sometimes, it is considered rude or invasive to ask about a person's career or job status. Also, there is not much of a differentiation between masculine or feminine forms among the words to describe jobs; when there is a different word, the masculine form will appear first followed by the feminine. Whether a male or a female, a doctor is always un médecin (un made-SAN). Job Titles Je suis médecin.

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