Learning Irish, New Edition: Text (Yale Language) by Michael O Siadhail

By Michael O Siadhail

This article is an introductory direction to the Irish language. It presents a pedagogical method of the standard language learner, whereas additionally providing the pro linguist with an real description of the spoken language. a collection of audio tapes can be found individually.

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IF-CLAUSES TO EXPRESS A CONDITION (i) Positive Dhá mbeadh Mdirtin anseo, bheadh Cdit If Máirtín were here, Cáit would be sdsta content. Dhd 'if (... 1 The dependent form (see Lesson 6) is used where this distinction is made. (ii) Negative Mara mbeadh Mdirtin anseo, ni bheadh Cdit sdsta. If Máirtín were not here, Cáit would not be content. Mara 'if (... were) not, unless (... were)' causes eclipsis and is followed by the conditional1. The dependent form is used where this distinction is made. Dhd or similarly mara may be variously translated as 'if...

4. g. aon fhear mór amháin 'only one big man', aon bhean mhór amháin 'only one big woman' (see Lesson 4). g. an da fhuinneoig mhóra 'the two big windows', na tri theach bheaga 'the three little houses'. 5. USE OF CEANN WITH NUMBERS Ceann 'one' (lit. 'head') can stand for any noun: An bhfuil mórán boird anseo ? Bord amhdin / Ceann amhdin. Dhd bhord / Dhd cheann / Péire. Cheithre bhord / Cheithre cinn. Are there many tables here ? One table / One. Two tables / Two. Four tables / Four. Péire 'pair' is very often used in place of Dhd cheann.

Spdin dhom do Uiimn. ' Bhi an Idimh ceart arist. 'Bhoil, anois ! ' 'Ni airim go maith. Nil mo ghoile go maith agus td bias aisteach ar mo bhéal,' a deir Mdirtin Beag. ' Ni raibh focal ag Mdirtin Beag mar uaireanta, bíonn an dochtúr sdch cantalach. ' M raibh Mdirtin Beag i bhfad tinn. DIALANN Dé Domhnaigh Td mé anseo in aice leis an Spidéal arist. Td an teach seo compóirteach. Td cupla strainséara eile ar lóistin anseo. Td a gcuid Gaeilge go maith. Bhi mé tamall anseo anuraidh freisin agus bhi mé sdch sdsta leis an ait.

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