Language, Names, and Information by Frank Jackson

By Frank Jackson

Language, Names, and Information is a vital contribution to philosophy of language by means of one in every of its premiere students, hard the pervasive view that the outline thought of right names is lifeless within the water, and protecting a model of the outline conception from a point of view on language that sees phrases as a superb resource of data concerning the nature of the realm we are living in.

  • Challenges present pervasive view that the outline idea of reference for correct names has been refuted
  • Discusses a number of themes on the heart of present debates, together with illustration and data, two-dimensionalism, attainable worlds, and large vs. slender content
  • Maintains the conversational and a little casual tone of the unique lectures upon which the publication is based

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However, I appealed to ways things are and to ways things might be in outlining the folk theory. My suspicion is that they would be found as objectionable as facts. The second thing I can do by way of reply is highlight how contrary to commonsense the denial of representation is. The argument Davidson gives for saying that sentences, for example, do not represent would apply equally to subway maps and diagrams of chess positions. But those who look at the chess diagrams in books on great games of the past, or who use the map of the London Underground to find their way across London, take it for granted that what they have in their hands represents, as it might be, a certain position at a certain stage of the final game in the 1972 Fischer-Spassky World Chess Championship match, or where the stations on the Central Line are.

9. The description theory and interchangeability I now come to what I heralded as the most influential reason for rejecting the description theory of reference for names. ” This means that there is a property, being D, that determines the reference of “N,” and that this is known by competent users of the name. Then “N” will refer to x if and only if x is the D, and competent users of “N” know this. ” But there are decisive arguments against the equivalence of “N is F” with “The D is F,” for any “D” that might plausibly be the reference-determining property.

I gave a sketch of what it was and noted its importance for the acquisition of information about objects. I supported the claim that the folk The Debate Over the Theory of Reference for Proper Names 17 know the property by observing that, if they don’t, it is strange we aren’t telling them about it more vigorously given the importance of information, and by observing, moreover, that the way folk use sentences containing proper names makes it clear that they do know the property. However, I did not give a precise specification in words of the property.

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