Language and the Lexicon: An Introduction by David Singleton

By David Singleton

The lexicon is changing into an more and more renowned region of research inside linguistics and language experiences. Language is popularly conceived of by way of phrases, and phrases also are critical to the way linguists have typically approached language as an item of analysis. This quantity is the 1st to supply a entire but obtainable evaluate of lexicology and should end up precious to the turning out to be variety of scholars of lexicology who desire an interdisciplinary method of the learn of language.

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Group the following words into those which show a 'neutral' impact on the base form on the part of the relevant bound morpheme and those which show a 'non-neutral' impact. active houses motion bulbous action poetic movement harshly Lexis and morphology 45 had normal hooves Chomskyan has swollen roofs Hallidayan proceeded paying gracious titular 5. The following words are often thought of as posing problems for morphologists. Can you say why this might be? Can you think of some further words that might pose similar kinds of problems?

For instance the s in the written form of the French word for 'cars' - voitures - is silent in the first of the sentences below but may be pronounced as /z/ in the second if the speech is fluent rather than halting and if the speech style is relatively formal. Les voitures ralentissaient. ') Les voitures allaient tres vite. 3 'Lexical' morphology and inflectional morphology Since, as we have seen, morphology in general relates to the structure of words, it would be not unreasonable to conclude that all morphology is lexical.

Another aspect of computational linguistics is the use of computers as an aid in the analysis of language. For example, computers are now widely used in the analysis of very large collections (corpora - singular corpus) of naturally occurring language in order to provide information about the frequency of particular items or the frequency with which certain items co-occur with certain other items. From both kinds of computational linguistics there emerges a strong sense of the difficulty of neatly separating the lexicon from syntax.

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