Japanese Storefront Design by Jinling Qu

By Jinling Qu

The publication provides storefront designs of many international s best manufacturers and targeted shops in upscale buying districts in Japan.

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With the help of the gentle slope, the centralised staircase and the staircase inside the door enlarge the interior space visually, showing a special effect of heading inward. 米索尼店面的淡紫色背光反衬着品牌名头,配合着店内 柔和的灯光成为该店面设计的亮点。借助店口缓坡路的 特定环境,向中心聚集的楼梯和店内的上行楼梯将店内 的空间从视觉上扩大,使其有向内延伸的特殊效果。 035 Brand Stores Harrods 时尚品牌店 哈洛兹 Ginza,Tokyo 东京银座店 With grey classic columns and pinkish purple backdrop for the logo, Harrods Ginza combines classic and modern elements in a lively way. In the urban atmosphere, this brand shows a sense of nobility.

The smooth vision and rough texture contrast finely with each other.

Titanium white colour and geometry layer structure decorate the front, purely and spaciously. At night, Kswiss’ s geometry structure projects a light full of mystery and serene. Kswiss——这一原宿店的店面设计给人一种未 来主义般的畅想。钛白的纯净色泽、几何型的 空灵层次结构,将门面拥揽入怀。特别是夜色 下的kswiss,几何型框架背后投射出来的光芒 充满着神秘、幽深之感。 043 Brand Store Jubenile Delinguent 时尚品牌店 Jubenile Delinguent Shibuya,Tokyo 东京涉谷店 044 Brand Store UIN QLO 时尚品牌店 优衣库 Shibuya,Tokyo 东京涉谷店 045 Brand Store collect+Point 时尚品牌店 Collect+Point Harajuku,Tokyo 东京原宿店 With door frame of metal texture and structure frame of diamond shape, Collect+Point is popular among young people for its sharp and cool design.

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