Islam Unveiled: Disturbing Questions About the World's by Robert Spencer

By Robert Spencer

In "Islam Unveiled," Robert Spencer dares to stand the tough questions about what the Islamic faith really teaches--and the possibly ominous implications of these teachings for the way forward for either the Muslim international and the West. Going past the shallow contrast among a "true" peaceable Islam and the "hijacked" Islam of terrorist teams, Spencer probes the Koran and Islamic traditions (as good because the background and present-day scenario of the Muslim global) as a part of his inquiry into why the world's quickest turning out to be religion has a tendency to arouse fanaticism. "Islam Unveiled" evaluates the connection among Islamic fundamentalism and "mainstream" Islam; the fixation with violence and jihad; the explanations for Muslims' annoying remedy of ladies; and devastating results of Muslim polygamy and Islamic divorce legislation. Spencer explores different daunting questions--why the human rights list of Islamic international locations is so unrelievedly grim and the way the foundation explanations of this checklist exist in easy Muslim ideals; why technology and excessive tradition died out within the Muslim world--and why this can be a root reason behind smooth Muslim resentment. He evaluates what Muslims study from the lifetime of Muhammad, the fellow that Islam hails because the ultimate version of human habit. primarily, this provocative paintings grapples with the query that almost all preoccupies us this present day: can Islam create winning secularized societies that would coexist peacefully with the West's multicultural mosaic?

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For instance, a Muslim spokesman who expressed outrage at Pat Robertson’s remarks about Islam, Hussein Ibish of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, asserted: “I could come here . . with quotes from the Talmud and quotes from the Bible and try to paint Judaism and Christianity, or any other religion, in this negative light too. I think that is . . ”43 It is true that Ibish wouldn’t have difficulty finding violent statements in the Bible, such as to cause modern Jews and Christians to cringe.

24 Meanwhile, Muslim crowds worldwide were hardly condemning the attacks. Besides the now-infamous Palestinians dancing in the streets for CNN’s cameramen at the news that the World Trade Center towers had collapsed, demonstrators around the world chanted their approval. These people were not all Wahhabis or uneducated mobs. ”25 As crowds chanted their approval of bin Laden’s terrorism, even imams who condemned the terrorist attacks declined opportunities to condemn also the imams who approved of the attacks—a fact with enormous significance for the Bush/Blair attempts to portray the terrorists as a fringe group within Islam.

From Tehran to Toronto, from Dar es Salaam to Des Moines, Muslims emulate him today. As the Universal and Primordial Man, he offers a unique view of Islamic morality incarnated in its purest form. But this undertaking may be more challenging than it initially seems. ”4 It’s hard to see Muhammad’s sanctity, Nasr explains, because he is fundamentally different from the central figures of other religions: If the contour of the personality of the Prophet is to be understood, he should not be compared to Christ or the Buddha whose messages were meant primarily for saintly men and who founded communities based on monastic life which later became the norm of entire societies.

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