Introduction to Islamic Law : Islamic Law in Theory and by Ahmed Akgündüz

By Ahmed Akgündüz

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Mubammad's severe reaction to the opposition of the Yathrib Jews marks the outward sign of his final dissociation with their tradition, which he had not been able to exploit. ln the time after Moses and Aaron, they must have betrayed the Law. The Quran speaks reverently of Christ and of a few who had remained faithful to his teaching. But, for the rest, the main body of the Christians had shown themselves no less guilty than the Jews. The Christian doctrine of the sonhood of Christ was an absurd blasphemy.

The conservatives, mistrusting the 'heathen European' who continued to harbour imperialistic aspirations, and genuinely fearful for the cultural and spiritual heritage of the Muslims and anxious for the effect that the undoubted attractions of the contemporary West might have on the spiritual and intellectual development of the nation's young, fiercely oppose ail Western intrusions into Hadith. 45 Since earl y medieval times, the Muslims had portrayed the Islamic Tradition as stemming directly from the Prophet's untiring and solicitous instruction of his immediate group by word and example, as he patiently initiated them into the knowledge of the details of every doctrine and ritual practice of the new religion.

Under the gaze of Arabia, Muhammad bad manoeuvred the Makkans into treating him as a political equal, which was victory enough for the moment. 36 As provided for, the tribes in the region now began ta ally with either Makka or Muhammad for protection in the final struggle that must yet come. Ta assuage sorne of the criticisms among his own party and, perhaps, occupy them with other things, Muhammad bypassed his base on the return journey and led his force ta besiege and reduce the neighbouring Jewish seulement at Khaybar.

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