Intensive Intermediate Latin: A Grammar and Workbook by Jean-François Mondon

By Jean-François Mondon

Intensive Intermediate Latin: A Grammar and Workbook comprises an obtainable grammar and comparable routines in one quantity. It outlines each significant grammatical element frequently taught in an intermediate university Latin direction, in addition to different grammatical subject matters that could be brought within the first semester of studying prose or poetry.

good points include:

  • Careful administration and repetition of vocabulary used to inspire sole concentrate on the grammar
  • A number of workouts to let scholars to acknowledge and isolate the grammatical buildings in English, aiding them to translate into Latin with higher ease
  • Frequent Latin to English and whole English to Latin translations
  • Exercises requiring scholars to change points of Latin sentences with a view to allow more advantageous grammar acquisition

Written by way of an skilled teacher, Intensive Intermadiate Latin: A Grammar and Workbook is a perfect source for college kids who are looking to construct on their foundations of Latin. The name can be utilized as a textbook, grammar reference and perform source for college students and self reliant rookies with a few wisdom of the language.

Intensive Intermediate Latin, with its sister quantity Basic Latin, kinds a compendium of necessities of Latin grammar.

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Example text

I think that the men were taught. I thought that the men had been taught. I will think that the men will have been taught. Future infinitive: active Cōgitō virōs eum interfectūrōs esse. I think that the men will kill him. Cōgitāvī virōs eum interfectūrōs esse. I thought that the men were going to kill him. Cōgitābō virōs eum interfectūrōs esse. I will think that the men will kill him. Future infinitive: passive Cōgitō virōs doctum īrī. Cōgitāvī virōs doctum īrī. Cōgitābō virōs doctum īrī. I think that the men will be taught.

Nōs, tua prōgeniēs, quibus caelī arcem adnuis, nāvibus āmissīs ūnīus ob īram prōdimur. Īnfandum est! Italīs ōrīs longē disiungimur. Hic pietātis honor est? ” 6 Subjunctive of irregular verbs Notes altum – this is an adverbial accusative, simply translated as deep (see Unit 30 of IBL) crēdant – this is a present subjunctive in an indirect question (see Unit 11) Orontis – these and the following names are lost comrades of Aeneas Gyān – this is the accusative singular of a Greek noun (see Unit 36) cum – when (see Unit 21) oculōs – this is a Greek accusative (see Unit 30 of IBL) in – against ob Ītaliam – Italy was destined to be a rival of Juno’s beloved Carthage tenērent – this is an imperfect subjunctive in a relative clause of purpose (see Unit 7) Vocabulary for Aeneid excerpt accingō, -ere, -cīnxī, -cīnctus to make ready; gird to ācer, ācris, ācre fierce; sharp; keen Achīvus, -a, -um Achaean, Greek adloquor, -ī, -locūtus sum to speak to adnuō, -ere, -nuī, -nūtus to assent aeger, aegra, aegrum sick aēnum, -ī bronze vessel alius, alia, aliud [gen.

Go to the 4th principal part, drop -us, and add -ūrus. ■ Note that the form in -ūrus is the future active participle (Unit 33 of IBL). amō, amāre, amāvī, amātus amātus → amātūrus videō, vidēre, vīdī, vīsus vīsus → vīsūrus dūcō, dūcere, dūxī, ductus ductus → ductūrus capiō, capere, cēpī, captus captus → captūrus audiō, audīre, audīvī, audītus audītus → audītūrus → amātūrus esse to be going to love → vīsūrus esse to be going to see → ductūrus esse to be going to lead → captūrus esse to be going to seize → audītūrus esse to be going to hear 19 Syntax of infinitives 3 Infinitives ● Latin infinitives are used to complete the meaning of several verbs.

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