Illegal: Life and Death in Arizona's Immigration War Zone by Terry Greene Sterling

By Terry Greene Sterling

Terry Greene Sterling enters the worried ghettoes of Arizona, the gateway for almost 1/2 the nation's undocumented immigrants and the state that is the least welcoming towards them, to tell the tales of the boys, girls, and kids who've crossed the border. 

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It is for this reason that the body, particularly the nude female body, has long served as a boundary marker between art and the obscene. 9 The 1820s and 1830s were particularly pivotal decades, according to Anthony Budd, that marked the beginning of what he terms the ‘age of the sculpture machine’. 11 The rituals and restraints the bourgeoisie placed upon their own bodies were designed, in turn, to secure their hegemony over the social body. Securing such hegemony necessitated a wide programme of intervention into the culture and society of the labouring classes, which was achieved through the coming together of the state, medicine, evangelical religion and philanthropy with new professional knowledges and apparatuses, as well as procedures of social inquiry such as blue-book investigations into health and sanitation and reports from Poor Law commissions and factory inspectors.

Moreover, ‘A vast network of imperial connections in government, administration, the army, the church, the law, education, and enterprise, extended from India to the Australian colonies’ until well into the twentieth century. Kingston, ‘The Taste of India’, p. 36. 73 Australia offers a case in point, for while in contrast to a colony such as India (which until its independence from British rule was subject to a system of autocratic government by alien rulers) the Australian colonies had achieved self-governance by the mid-nineteenth century and by 1901 had federated to form a new nation-state, Australia nonetheless remained a colonial society.

Kalpagam, ‘The Colonial State’, 49. Kalpagam, ‘The Colonial State’, 49. As Nicholas Dirks illustrates in his study of the impact of the Permanent Settlement on southern India, while the political import of the gift of property declined as a result of the legal redefinition of property relations, the moral economy did not. Dirks, ‘From Little Kingdom’, pp. 175–208. For transformations in Indian law see Galanter, Law and Society; and Cohn, Colonialism and its Forms. 97 Secondly, the state’s interest in and ability to regulate population in colonial India was more limited than that of the state in Australia.

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