Hungry by Alethea Eason

By Alethea Eason

Deborah is beginning to discover issues approximately her ally, Willy—like how lovable he seems in his Halloween gown and the cute means his pink hair curls simply above his collar. he is the good boy in 6th grade, and the nearest pal she's bought . . . that's, till her alien mom and dad inform her she has to devour him for dinner. in the end, she's an alien, too—even if she and her kinfolk do stay in conceal. should still she retain Willy alive and continue to exist on forbidden hamburgers and chocolate . . . or aspect her tentacles at her ally and achieve approval from alien style? there are occasions whilst every body seems like they are from outer area. A zany experience and a detailed and sympathetic examine middle-school friendships and rivalries, Alethea Eason's splendidly particular first novel satisfies that yearning to slot in.

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P . . ” I said her name perfectly, and Mom and Dad let out sighs of relief. ” Grandmother’s voice reminded me of Mr. Bartlett telling us to get ready for the Pledge of Allegiance. I followed her order. Grandmother Pig’s Butt spat on her palm, looking at me like I was an ant ready to be sacrificed for the good of the colony. I copied and held my hand out to her. We touched, and I felt a slight tingling go up my arm. I hadn’t known saliva could conduct electrical impulses between bodies. I still thought the custom was disgusting.

Mom walked over to the elder of the two men and offered her hand. “So nice to meet you,” she said. She turned then to the younger man. “And Grlplktf, you’ve grown up! ” The younger man blushed, while the other just stared at her. “Pardon my manners,” she said, and then spat on both of her palms and held them up to them. They each 56 spat on one of theirs and placed them palm to palm with hers. Customs from home were so gross. Behind us, Dad was trying to dust off an older female. “Bzkrg flgngkp fl.

Mr. Bartlett was so close, I could smell his breath. Did he ever brush? ” 34 I wasn’t going to let him bully me. ” My teacher’s face was even redder than before, and he seemed to have forgotten all about Willy. ” I wasn’t going to back down. ” “Now you’re telling me how to run my class? ” I didn’t care if I had detention for the next millennium. I turned my head away from him and stared out of the window. The ships couldn’t land soon enough. I wanted out of this place. “Now get out your social studies books,” Mr.

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