Hittite Etymological Dictionary: Words beginning with H by Jaan Puhvel

By Jaan Puhvel

The HittiteEtymological Dictionary is a entire compendium of the vocabulary of Hittite, one of many nice languages of the traditional close to East, and of paramount significance for comparative Indo-European experiences. because the commence of booklet, as evidenced via frequency of reference and citation, this paintings has develop into a tremendous software for learn and study in Hittite, historic Anatolian, and Indo-European linguistics.

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G. ’ (ta- in this sense is now obsolete) Free exclamations are of a number of different types, mostly particles, though a few are (fossilized) nouns. 1. UÊ -œÀÀœÜ\ ò etc. 6). Uninflected words: particles UÊ œ““>˜`Ã\ hAti žK Lah iq ‘shush’ ô ‘give it here’ Ch i™ ‘eh?

7). Note that in the fa‘ala f< system the third consonant is arbitrarily doubled to represent the fourth radical, to give î îA<ð î: a base fa‘lala f Pattern fôA<ð î>ï î ôA<ð î fu‘lila f fa‘lala MAîA<ð î î îA<ð î>î tafa‘lala f mufa‘lil Meaning of pattern Resulting form Agent noun mutarjim ‘translator’ Perf. passive turjima ‘it was translated’ Verbal noun Reflexive (V) g ô ðîÏï îg ô ðYï tarjama Mê î ðYî Ïî tatarjama îg î ðî Lexical product ‘translation’ ‘it got translated’ The CA root and pattern system in principle survives intact in MWA, though the increasing number of morphologically unassimilated loan words is tending to destabilize the CA system.

2). Imperfect verbs denote actions either not completed or regarded as such. Within this system a great many variations occur when phonology and morphology conflict: the compromises generally involve a loss of either a radical consonant or an agent morpheme, and in some cases a neutralization of contrasts results, for example of gender or number, or (in certain participles) of voice. 9 to infer the operating principles directly. 5 Inflection This section simply itemizes the bound morphemes marking definiteness, case/mood, number and gender.

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