Healing Yoga: Proven Postures to Treat Twenty Common by Loren Fishman

By Loren Fishman

“To lots of his sufferers [Dr. Fishman] is a miracle worker.”—Jane E. Brody, New York Times

Healing Yoga unites scientific wisdom with the perform of yoga to aid deal with twenty universal stipulations, together with headache, weight achieve, the typical chilly, scoliosis, PMS, pressure, melancholy, and 8 forms of again discomfort. Dr. Fishman stocks suggestions he has invented, subtle, and demonstrated with millions of sufferers, together with unique pose directions and accompanying pictures. He walks readers via not just therapeutic but in addition prognosis of particular health conditions, specially again soreness, while there's a couple of resource of difficulty. appropriate for either rookies and skilled yogis, this booklet is an at-home advisor to a well known doctor’s services.

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