Greek: An Essential Grammar of the Modern Language by David Holton, Peter Mackridge, Irene Philippaki-Warburton

By David Holton, Peter Mackridge, Irene Philippaki-Warburton

This e-book is the simplest grammar and utilization e-book i have visible. It offers all of the issues and offers many examples for every. while you're a starting smooth Greek learner you can find it such a lot precious.

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Quote marks are also used for titles and for quoting any piece of language word for word: 3 oi «Tavim~» the Times 4 o legovmeno~ «trivto~ drovmo~» the so-called ‘third way’ Finally, suspension points (aposiwphtikav) are often used to indicate either an incomplete sentence or thought, or to lead up to a word or phrase that is intended to come as a surprise to the reader: 17 2 The writing system 5 Qa ’tan wraiva na . . It would be nice to . . 6 Ac! na mporouvse~ na evrqei~ . . Oh, if only you could come .

The forms of the articles are given below. 56. 6 The forms of the definite article The forms of the definite article The definite article is declined for gender, number and case and has the following forms: Singular Plural M F N M F N Nominative o h to oi oi ta Accusative ton th(n) to tou~ ti~ ta Genitive tou th~ twn twn tou twn The feminine accusative singular form must have the final -n when the word immediately following begins with a vowel or with any of the following consonants or consonant clusters: k, p, t, gk, mp, nt, x, y.

However, avnqrwpo~ ‘person, human being’ is always masculine and paidiv ‘child’ is always neuter irrespective of the sex of the person they refer to, while korivtsi ‘girl’ and agovri ‘boy’ are also neuter. Nouns denoting animals, inanimate objects, substances, natural phenomena and abstract concepts may be masculine, feminine or neuter: • • • • • 22 skuvlo~ ‘dog’ is masculine and gavta ‘cat’ is feminine (though there is a feminine form skuvla ‘bitch’ and a masculine form gavto~ ‘tomcat’), while two alternative forms exist for ‘donkey’, namely the masculine gavidaro~ and the neuter gai>douvri, besides the feminine gai>douvra ‘female donkey’ markadovro~ ‘marker (pen)’ is masculine, karevkla ‘chair’ is feminine and trapevzi ‘table’ is neuter udravrguro~ ‘mercury’ is masculine, kimwliva ‘chalk’ is feminine and xuvlo ‘wood’ is neuter aevra~ ‘air, wind’ is masculine, brochv ‘rain’ is feminine and calavzi ‘hail’ is neuter povlemo~ ‘war’ is masculine, eleuqeriva ‘freedom’ is feminine and kevφi ‘high spirits’ is neuter (in fact the majority of abstract nouns are feminine) The gender of a noun has to be learned at the same time as the noun.

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