Great Britain & Reza Shah: The Plunder of Iran, 1921-1941 by Mohammad Gholi Majd

By Mohammad Gholi Majd

Utilizing lately declassified U.S. nation division files, Mohammad Gholi Majd describes the rampant tyranny and destruction of Iran within the a long time among the 2 international wars in a sensational but completely scholarly learn that may rewrite the political and fiscal historical past of the rustic. The booklet starts off with the British invasion of Iran in April 1918 and ends with the Anglo-Russian invasion in August 1941. notwithstanding historians are conscious of the occasions that ensued, beforehand they've got had no written proof of the dreadful significance of the actions. Majd files how the British delivered to energy an imprecise and semi-illiterate army officer, Reza Khan, who was once made shah in 1925. Thereafter, Majd exhibits, Iran was once subjected to a degree of brutality now not visible for hundreds of years. He additionally files the monetary plunder of the rustic in the course of the interval: files express that Reza Shah looted the majority of Iran's oil sales at the pretext of shopping for hands, accumulating a minimum of $100 million in his London financial institution money owed and enormous sums in long island and Switzerland. no longer even Iran's old crown jewels have been spared. unlike incomplete and unreliable British files for the interval, the lately declassified records and financial institution files that Majd makes use of surround a variety of political, social, army, and monetary issues. a piece with tremendous implications, this e-book will right the parable in Iranian background that the interval 1921-41 used to be one in all unqualified development and reform.

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By removing Reza Shah, the British had saved the Pahlavi regime. By installing his son, they wished to ensure that the dreadful events of 1921–41 would remain hidden and the incriminating evidence and documents destroyed. August 1941, however, was the beginning of the end of British domination of Iran. For the people of Iran it meant freedom from the nightmare of British rule through Reza Khan. In early 1942, taking advantage of the difficulties and weakness of the British, the United States had begun to take control of Iranian affairs.

As far                as I was able to observe there were six complete battalions of British infantry along this line, one battalion of British cavalry, and nearly two battalions of Ghurkas in addition to the special detachments and Indian troops nearer the Mesopotamian end of the line. Some detachments of Australian and Indian troops were observed and there were a number of Canadian and New Zealand officers on duty at headquarters in Hamadan. The officers accompanying the Dunster force, in addition to those belonging to the regular battalions of troops, were mostly picked men and considered to be especially capable.

Sultanabad-Kermanshah road is under British control. British and Indian troops are at all important points in provinces [of] Kermanshah, Luristan, and Arabistan. At Shiraz, Yezd [Yazd], Kerman, and Meshed [Mashhad]     there are reported increased detachments [of] Indian cavalry, nominally maintained as consular guards. British consuls or political officers are reported to be in all important points closely in touch with conditions. Inimical political agitators are kept under surveillance and I have ascertained from reasonably reliable sources that many arrests of tribal leaders have been made in Arabistan and that one or two have been executed for pernicious political offenses against Allied interests.

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