German for reading : a programmed approach for graduate and by Karl C. Sandberg

By Karl C. Sandberg

Ebook by means of Karl C. Sandberg, John R. Wendel

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OSWALD. What dost thou know me for? KENT. A knave; a rascal; an eater of broken meats; a base, proud, shallow, beggarly, three-suited, hundred-pound, filthy, worsted-stocking knave; a lily-livered, action-taking, whoreson, glass-gazing, superserviceable, finical rogue; one-trunk-inheriting slave; one that wouldst be a bawd in way of good service, and art nothing but the composition of a knave, beggar, French art: art. base: base, baser, assise, culot, embase, abject, lâche, pied, socle, patin, fonder.

News: nouvelles, actualités, informations, nouvelle. notice: avis, remarquer, apercevoir, discerner, préavis, remarque, écriteau, observation, notification, percevoir, placard. ones: ceux. pray: prier, prie, pries, prions, priez, prient. sir: monsieur. thee: toi, te, vous. toward: vers, en, à, en relation avec. wars: guerres. whispered: chuchoté. 46 King Lear EDMUND. % Cur. You may do, then, in time. Fare you well, sir. ] EDMUND. The Duke be here to-night? The better! best! This weaves itself perforce into my business.

Ha! say'st thou so? KNIGHT. % LEAR. --But where's my fool? I have not seen him this two days. KNIGHT. Since my young lady's going into France, sir, the fool hath much pined away. LEAR. ] Go you, call hither my fool. ] O, you, sir, you, come you hither, sir: who am I, sir? OSWALD. My lady's father. LEAR. My lady's father! my lord's knave: you whoreson dog! you slave! you cur! OSWALD. I am none of these, my lord; I beseech your pardon. LEAR. Do you bandy looks with me, you rascal? ] OSWALD. I'll not be struck, my lord.

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