German Bombers Over Russia by Manfred Griehl

By Manfred Griehl

The 1st flush of an overpowering tactical good fortune for the Luftwaffe bomber forces occurred with the defeat of Poland. moreover the campaigns in Denmark and Norway ended with entire victory for the Wehrmacht. With the autumn of France it appeared that German army strength will be robust sufficient to develop into effective in all places Europe. notwithstanding British air defence forces resisted the German raids to lead to the 1st significant failure of German air strength. Hitler’s continental coverage, the invasion of the Balkans and the catch of Crete, observed through the institution of the Luftwaffe in Italy, the antishipping raids and the conflict of the Atlantic, have been accountable for many operational losses which weakened the power of the bomber Gruppen of the Kampfgeschwader. however the Luftwaffes most threatening crusade in summer time 1941: the invasion of the Soviet Union with whom Germany had shared a non-aggression pact. German Bombers Over Russia is an illustrated account of the German bomber raids over the japanese entrance and the way climate and heavy punishment progressively destroyed the Luftwaffe.

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The VIIF was to act as a resupply boat, delivering additional supplies of torpedoes to bases that were running low on supplies. Only four of this type were eventually built (U-1059 to U-1062), all produced by Germaniawerft. The crew of U-1061 pose with the shipyard management on the day of her commissioning. 5m length giving them much greater carrying capacity. 8cm gun 1 x 2cm gun 46 Armament: Crew: T Y P E VIIC V A R I A N T S Of all of the Type VII models, none saw as much modification and improvement to the basic design as did the most common model of all, the Type VIIC.

No enemy ships sunk. THE TYPE XXI Of the boats previously used by any navy, none could be considered a true 'submarine'. In effect, all were submersible boats. None was capable of remaining submerged for a significant length of time owing to the extremely limited life of the batteries used to power the boat when submerged. Early submarines had to surface to run the main engines in order to recharge their batteries and replenish their compressed air supplies before diving again, and all suffered from severely reduced speed when submerged.

A total of 28 of this variant were produced. 7cm guns. 7cm set is mounted on an unidentified Type IX. 7cm or 2cm Flakvierling on lower platform 6 torpedo tubes (4 bow, 2 stern) 24 torpedoes carried 57 49 WOLF PACK. TYPE I X D 2 / 4 2 The flip side of the Type IXDl concept, where the emphasis was on high speed, was the IXD2/42, in which the emphasis was on extending operational range to the maximum possible. Only one of this variant was produced. 7cm deck gun aft 1 x 2cm flak gun on conning tower platform 6 torpedo tubes (4 bow, 2 stern) 22 torpedoes carried 57 Armament: Crew: FLOTILLAS Although most U-boat flotillas contained a number of different U-boat types over the course of the war, there were certain flotillas in which a particular type predominated.

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