Genome Evolution: Gene and Genome Duplications and the by Jürgen Brosius (auth.), Axel Meyer, Yves Van de Peer (eds.)

By Jürgen Brosius (auth.), Axel Meyer, Yves Van de Peer (eds.)

In the years because the ebook of Susumu Ohno's 1970 landmark publication Evolution by way of gene duplication large advances were made in molecular biology and particularly in genomics. stories of genome constitution and serve as prerequisite to trying out hypotheses of genome evolution have been all yet very unlikely until eventually fresh methodological advances.

This e-book evaluates newly generated empirical proof because it relates to theories of genomic evolutionary styles and techniques. checks of hypotheses utilizing analyses of entire genomes, interpreted in a phylogenetic context, offer facts concerning the relative significance of gene duplication. the choice rationalization is that the evolution of regulatory parts that keep watch over the expression of and interactions between genes has been a extra vital strength in shaping evolutionary innovation.

This choice of papers may be of curiosity to all educational and researchers operating within the fields of molecular biology, biotechnology, genomics and genome facilities.

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2 x snowball Earth Figure I. Multip le genome fusion event s in vertebrate evolution. Major transitions in evolution. geologica l event s and increase in genome complexity correl ate . and suggest a few abrubt changes intermixed with continu ous evolution . ture of genomes see ms to be more dynamic than assumed (Bancroft, 200 I). Comp ared to yeast and plants, genome dupli cation is less obvious in animal evo lution. Two verte brate dupli cations co uld be co mplicated by additional duplicatio ns at the protozoanmetazoan and diploblast-triploblast transition s (Lundin, 1999).

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