GAPS Guide: Simple Steps to Heal Bowels, Body, and Brain by Baden Lashkov

By Baden Lashkov

A step by step advisor to this system constructed through Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride to heal the numerous manifestations of intestine and psychology syndrome.

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If you want a metabolic boost, improve your microbiome so it can produce more of these “weight loss wonder drugs”!  . AND YOUR METABOLISM In September 2013 a very exciting study was published in Science magazine demonstrating the extraordinary power of the microbiome to transform your metabolism. I’d like to talk you through the study because it provides dramatic evidence of how an unhealthy microbiome almost guarantees weight gain, while a healthy microbiome sets you up for an ideal, healthy weight.

Let’s take a closer look. INFLAMMATION AND YOUR MICROBIOME Inflammation is a reaction from your immune system that creates all sorts of health problems throughout your body. When your immune system attacks a genuine invader—say, the bacteria that causes pneumonia or a toxin that might poison you to death—inflammation flares up as a kind of collateral damage, as though the defense force that had been mobilized to neutralize the enemy shot up a few neighboring buildings as well. indd 38 4/14/14 10:42 AM Your Fat Is Not Your Fault IMBALANCED MICROBIOME Weight Gain, Obesity • Provokes inflammation • Creates insulin resistance • Worsens food sensitivities and leaky gut • Creates hunger • Cues your genes to hold onto fat 39 BALANCED MICROBIOME Weight Loss, Healthy Weight • Regulates the harvest of calories and “energy extraction” from your food • Produces “short-chain fatty acids,” which have incredible weight loss properties • Decreases inflammation • Tells your genes to burn fat rather than store it When there really is a toxic invader—an acute, temporary, fixable problem—a healthy immune system will zap it.

A pioneering book on gut health published in 1998 by Michael Gershon, MD, was actually entitled The Second Brain. The more we learn about the gut, the more its special intelligence becomes clear. Did you know, for example, there are more nerves in the gut than in the spinal column? These nerves transmit important messages to and from the brain, and a growing body of research suggests we cannot fully treat mental and psychiatric problems without taking the gut into account. That’s because the relationship between the brain and the gut is very much a two-way street.

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