Gaelic (Teach Yourself) by Roderick Mackinnon

By Roderick Mackinnon

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G . g. tien guldens - ten one-guilder coins. The symbol f. g. W,SO. 2 BTW _ Be/osting Toegevoegde Woorde. 56 mortgage, home loon to lend; borrow loon to payoff interest to spend (money only) to spend (on) (money and time) to earn; deserve to finance subsidy to subsidise 151 het rekenen optellen a ftrekken ° vermenigvuldigen (met) delen (door) ultrekenen het rekenmachientje de zakcalcula tor 4 en/plus (min) 2 is ? arithmetic to odd up to subtract to multiply (by) to divide (by) to work out, calculate calculator calculator 4 and/plus (minus) 2 equals?

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