Feminist Interpretations of Alexis de Tocqueville by Jill Locke, Eileen Hunt Botting

By Jill Locke, Eileen Hunt Botting

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Both are supporting roles off the main stage. According to Tocqueville, ................. 17025$ $CH1 11-10-08 11:16:57 PS PAGE 37 38 Feminist Interpretations of Alexis de Tocqueville women have the innate capacity—even the duty—to exercise independent rational judgment about political matters. Yet he believed their exclusion from the political action was so obviously necessary as to seem self-evident. The superior American women who direct the regular households depicted in Democracy in America sustain free democracy in a manner that appears more passive than active.

See also the useful bibliographical discussion, 425–26nn4–7. 11.

1 At the same time, the authors of the Civil Code, the sacred writ of the new France, deliberately obliterated most traces of the revolutionary citoyenne as they attempted to sequester women safely in the alternate I would like to thank Bob Gannett, Sarah Horowitz, Jennifer Pitts, and Aurelian Craiutu for helpful comments on previous drafts. I am particularly indebted to Arthur Goldhammer, Sarah Leonard, and Jill Locke for insightful critiques of the argument. 17025$ $CH1 11-10-08 11:16:49 PS PAGE 19 20 Feminist Interpretations of Alexis de Tocqueville cloister of the patriarchal family.

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