Evolutionary Epistemology and Scientific Realism by Thomson, Paul

By Thomson, Paul

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Taste] The object of taste is flavor. It exists within the thing bearing the flavor. 61 {40} That medium imparts flavor to the spirit that is in the internal nerve. 62 The same holds for saltiness and other flavors. Accordingly, there are in effect two media in this sense, one internal (flesh) and another external (the moisture of saliva). [e. 63 It can also be numbered on the basis of the things that are sensed, and in this way it is not one but four senses. 64 There is not one 59 60 61 62 63 64 discharged, heat (and whatever promotes heat due to friction, evaporation or the like) would not promote odors, nor would cold hide them.

30 Anonymous (Arts Master c. 103 For this reason Avicenna defines reason as “a power moving the body toward individual actions”104 with deliberation and judgment. 105 {49} [1. Material Intellect] Beginning at a higher level, we say that the rational soul has two parts, one inseparable from the body and the other separable. ”107 This power falls in between the sensory power and the separable intellect. For the sensory power concerns phantasms and the separable intellect species, whereas this material intellect considers species in phantasms,108 in such a way that it apprehends species with their accidents, distinguishing between the species and its accidents but without abstracting.

For the union of sight with colors occurs in virtue of sight’s being close to the colors; this occurs accidentally, given that there can be color and sight without sight’s seeing. Thus the union of sight with colors occurs only when they have been brought close in position; but they are variable in their position, and so such a union is accidental. The joining of intellect to phantasms, in contrast, occurs essentially. For when the intellect (and in general every separate substance) is united with a body in any way, as its mover or otherwise, then it is (considered in itself) naturally and always united with that body.

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