Essential Swedish Grammar by Julian Granberry

By Julian Granberry

This logical, developmental presentation of the main points of Swedish grammar comprises all of the useful instruments for speech and comprehension. Designed for adults with constrained studying time who desire to gather the fundamentals of daily Swedish, this grammar good points various shortcuts and timesavers. excellent as an advent, complement, or refresher.

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These demonstratives, which must agree in gender and number with the noun they modify, are declined as follows: COMMON NEUTER PLURAL denna (this) den här (this) den (that) den där (that) detta det här det det där dessa de här de de där Denna (detta, dessa), when used adjectivally, is followed by the noun in the indefinite declension. The other demonstrative adjectives, however, are followed by the noun in the definite declension: Denna flicka är vänlig. Den här flickan är vänlig. Den flickan är vänlig.

These men are friendly. Those men are friendly. Those men are friendly. Although the demonstrative forms denna (detta, dessa) and den (det, de) are grammatically correct, the forms using här and där are considered to be more appropriate in conversation. 44 PRONOUNS Other Pronouns There are some other important pronouns in Swedish, some of which are presented here: 1. R PLURAL något (some, something) inget OR intet somligt allt månget vart varje ettdera någotdera några inga somliga alla många COMMON man (one) någon (some, somebody) ingen (no, nobody, none) somlig (some) all (all) mången (many, many a) var (each, every) varje (each, every) endera (either) någondera (some one, either) ingendera (no one, neither) intetdera T h e indefinite pronoun man (one) is used very frequently in Swedish, often when "you" or "people" would be used in the equivalent English construction: Man kan se Stockholms universitet härifrån.

While we stood there, we saw a woman go into a shop. sedan after Sedan jag hade talat med herr Andersson, gick han på biograf. After I had spoken to Mr. Andersson, he went to the movies. VERBS Comparison of English and Swedish Verbs To English speakers, Swedish verbs appear remarkably simple in construction. , jag har, I have; hart har, he has; de har, they have). Moreover, in Swedish, the simple present tense is equivalent to the English simple present and progressive present. Principal Parts of the Verb The Swedish verb has five principal parts: infinitive, present, past, supine and past participle: INFINITIVE PRESENT PAST SUPINE PAST PAKT.

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