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By Qian Yin

The structures for appearing arts”including theatres, live performance halls, opera houses”that we convey during this ebook are genuine never-ending concert. structure is hooked up with tune, opera, and other people by means of the director”the architect”and then paintings is prolonged. Newly equipped, renovated, and leading edge soundscaping, all architects are exploring and aiming to set up a brand new courting among artwork, humans, and constructions for modern existence. This booklet selects the most recent and kinds of constructions for acting paintings from worldwide. a few of them new building, and others are reborn with fascinating tales, yet them all are cityscapes and unending dwell performance.

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1 86~87 新皇家剧场 Location: Copenhagen, Danmark Designer: Lundgaard & Tranberg Arkitekter Completion date: 2007 Photos©: Jens Lindhe Awards: The Association For Preserving The Beauty Of The Capital City, Diploma 2007/The Danish Lighting Award 2008/RIBA European Award 2008/The Nordic Lighting Award 2008/Copenhagen Municipality 2008/Sustainable Concrete Prize 2009 项目地点:丹麦,哥本哈根 设计师:朗德加尔德&特朗伯格建筑事务所 完成时间:2007年 摄影师:延斯·林德 所获 奖项: 2007年首都美丽维护协会证书; 2008年丹麦灯光奖; 2008年英国皇家建筑师协会欧洲奖; 2008年哥本哈根 市政奖;2009年可持续混凝土建筑奖 1.

Stone cladding primary structure 4. Stone cladding centre line 5. Fixed upstand 1. 石包层二级结构 2. 25毫米石包层 3. 石包层一级结构 2 4 2 4. 石包层中线 5. 固定竖立构件 4 110~111 阿格拉剧院 Location: Lelystad, the Netherlands Designer: UN Studio and Van Berkel & Bos Architectuurbureay Completion date: 2007 Photos©: Courtesy of UN Studio Building area: 2,925 square metres 项目地点:荷兰,莱利斯塔德 设计师:UN工作室,凡·伯克尔&波斯建筑 完成时间:2007年 摄影师:UN工作室提供 建筑面积:2,925平方米 1. 剧院外观全景 1. A general view of the theatre 2. The façade is yellow and orange 2. 呈黄色和橙色的剧院外壳 Agora Theatre The Agora Theatre is an extremely colourful, determinedly upbeat place.

15. 新闻发布厅 8. 舞台仓库 16. 地下入口 1. Plaza 2. Foyer 3. Cloak room 4. Auditorium 5. Void above stage 6. Void above scenery assembly 7. Multi-functional hall 1. 广场 2. 大厅 3. 寄存室 4. 观众席 5. 舞台上方 6. 布景装配区上方 7. 多功能厅 1. Entrance and hall, photo© Iwan Baan 2. Lobby, photos©Christian Richters 3. The way to the interior, photos©Christian Richters 4. Daylight passes through the façade into the depth of the building, photos©Christian Richters 1. 歌剧院入口与大厅 2. 歌剧院大堂 3. 通往歌剧院内部的通道 4. 自然光穿过透明外立面渗透到建筑的深处 106~107 1 2 1.

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