Enciclopedia delle religioni. Islam by Diretta da Mircea Eliade

By Diretta da Mircea Eliade

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Qur’an, 6:74) 34 Prophet Abraham’s (pbuh) Religion 35 Prophet Abraham (pbuh) Remember when he [Abraham] said to his father: “Father, why do you worship that which can neither hear nor see, and is of no use to you at all? Father, knowledge that never reached you has come to me. ” (Qur’an, 19:42-43) One of the most important elements of this conversation, which should be taken as a model, is that no matter how arrogant and difficult an unbeliever may be, a believer must remain patient while relaying the message and behave in the most pleasant manner possible.

Qur’an, 8:30) As stated earlier, Prophet Abraham’s (pbuh) tribe worshipped statues that their ancestors had made from stone and wood. Prophet Abraham (pbuh), who had the determination and the powerful faith to single-handedly tell them of God’s existence and oneness, was sent to guide them from their blind devotion to their ancestors’ paganism into the light of His religion. Throughout history, the majority has often decided which ideas and beliefs are to be accepted as true. Given that it is difficult to stand up against the majority in societies that are far from religion, many people eventually agree, either willingly or unwillingly, to submit to ideas and beliefs that they know to be wrong.

This idol, known as Hadad, was regarded as a protective idol by King Esarhaddon (seventh century 37 BCE). Prophet Abraham (pbuh) These conversations contain important wisdom. First and foremost, Prophet Abraham’s (pbuh) courageous and humble attitude is most striking. He carried out God’s order, even at the risk of his own life, and invited his father to the true path. He risked losing his father’s love, help, and goods; refused to be intimidated by his father’s threats, and displayed the greatest humility and patience when told to leave.

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