Elementary Korean by Ross King Ph.D., Jaehoon Yeon Ph.D. Ph.D.

By Ross King Ph.D., Jaehoon Yeon Ph.D. Ph.D.

This is a complete and specified introductory Korean textbook and language studying package.

Korean is now the fifteenth hottest language taught at American universities. This new version of ordinary Korean, the main entire and special introductory Korean textbook on hand, bargains starting inexperienced persons of Korean every little thing they should research the language successfully. ideal for a first-year university-level direction use or for the self sufficient language learner. No earlier wisdom of the language is necessary.

The new layout, now with dozens of illustrations, offers Korean vocabulary and Korean grammar in an obtainable and comprehensible demeanour whereas large conversations and routines support to augment the Korean language and construct analyzing and listening comprehension.

This variation includes:

  • An MP3 audio CD and devoted website.
  • wealthy and hugely nuanced examples with fresh illustrations.
  • unique yet on–technical grammar notes, abundant writing routines with an accompanying resolution key.
  • particular examples of real dialogue.
  • hugely technical grammar notes.
  • lots of writing practice.

Dialogues, interpreting texts, and written routines are in Hangul, the Korean alphabet, so scholars are speedy in a position to learn and write actual Korean. Layered classes are designed to construct on one another, making Korean effortless to profit from the most well-liked introductory Korean language textbook to be had. integrated is a revised audio CD that is helping beginners to talk like a local, and a web based perform part in the course of the college of British Columbia which can aid scholars to benefit Korean even past the pages of this publication. in accordance with the fashionable Language organization, enrollment in Korean in American universities is becoming rapidly.

on hand individually is the spouse Elementary Korean Workbook. this beneficial workbook will help you in practising and sharpening your Korean language talents. every one lesson supplementations the corresponding lesson within the textbook. There are ten actions in keeping with lesson, providing a number routines and perform possibilities to assist you to in achieving talent in daily, conversational Korean.

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Example text

Suk]. For example: ?? ?? sumi mina kyɔŋæ sɨŋdža ?? ?? činhi hidžɔŋ minhi čɔŋhi ?? ?? kyɔŋdža migyɔŋ ɨnmi hegyɔŋ ?? ?? kyɔŋsuk misɔn čisɔn yunmi This is only a general rule of thumb. Some syllables (like ? [hi]) can occur in both male and female names. , or with full name or just surname, in the case of ???. ? kimboktoŋ šši ?? poktoŋ šši ??? čaŋdžinhi šši ?? činhi šši ??? Poktong Kim (a male’s name), or Poktong Chinhee Chang (a female’s name), or Chinhee Mr. Poktong Kim (Honorific) 58 kimboktoŋ sɔnsæŋnim ?

Explanation: ? book (s); ?? book (s) (as direct object); ??? please look (at it). 5. ???? Please look at the first page. Explanation: ? the first; ??? page; ??? please look (at it). 6. ?? Please don’t look at your books. 51 7. ???? Please look at the next page. 8. ???. Just listen, please. Explanation: ?? the act of listening; ??? only listening; ?? please do it. 9. ???. Please repeat (after me). Explanation: ?? following, repeating ??? please do, please say. 10. ??. All together. Explanation: ?

Please repeat after me. 23. Thank you. 24. Good-bye! Exercise 4: Practice with Korean Names Practice reading the following Korean names. Can you guess whether the person is male or female? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. Exercise 5: Vocabulary Drill 64 The vocabulary items you have learned at this point are not easy to separate from the short sentences in which they appear. One way you can drill yourself on the words is to make use of a technique that will be valuable throughout the lessons.

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